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Welcome to My Illustration Blog!

This is where I'll keep a more active timeline of what I'm doing in my creative life! Social media is kind of going to shit, so I've decided to start posting on my website instead. I'm leaning toward using Cara too; I've heard good things about the new app, so stay tuned.

An angel playing an instrument in Spring

New work started up in the Spring of this year.

Virtues of Spring: Lily & Rose

Someone pointed out this also resembles Ye Olde Manuscripts. The religious undertones and framing are reminiscent of those beautiful pieces. If you haven't I recommend taking a look at them.

Thanks for Stopping By

I appreciate everyone who stops by to take a look at my work. I'm looking forward to putting more content up here. I've been up to some stuff I think is pretty cool!

If you'd like to see just my artwork, check out my Originals and Fanart pages. Stickers are currently up for sale in the Online Shop as well!

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