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I'm Making a Game!

Updated: Jun 27

Expanding on my art has led me to game development.

I've been gaming about as long as I've been drawing lol. I grew up on Nintendo; Gamecube was the first console I plugged into a TV ( yeah, I'm just a little old ). Alongside the love of immersing myself in all kinds of virtual realms, there has always been a fascination with how everything works.

pixel art of a player character

So I started creating pixel sprites for a game to learn C# and Unity. I'm trying to start small and not get too focused on the art. I'm also not so big on animation so I thought pixel art would be perfect.

This isn't the first time diving into Unity. I took game development classes in college. Although I missed the credit mark to minor 😅. I enjoyed most of it, as much as we stressed out 20-somethings in college could.

These are just some snips of the sprites I've made. I'm going for simple to ensure everything else gets attention. I've used this YouTube page's tutorials for Unity and Visual Studio, and SLYNYRD's blog for how-tos in pixel art.

Keep Up With the Development!

I'll continue to post some snips of what I'm up to in my blog. Thanks for stopping by, stay safe, and God bless!

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