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Digital Content  Agreement



-This Agreement controls the licensing relationship between the Seller and the Buyer of Exclusive Content available from

- This License is for personal uses only and for personal non- commercial uses only as defined in this Agreement.


  1. Olivia E. (OVA) is the “Seller” and the customer who obtains a download of the files through is the “Buyer”. The file or files made available by the Seller for download and various elements of the content in those files are referred to as the “Content”. The act of obtaining the files(s) from is referred to as the “Download”.

  2. The Content is the original work of the Seller and/or Seller has all rights necessary to license the Content to Buyer as indicated in this Agreement. No other person or company has any right to control the Content.

  3. Seller grants buyer a non-exclusive and perpetual license to use Content as follows:

    1. The Content is an image or set of images, the right to use the image(s) for personal, non- commercial uses such as public or private display in which no fee is charged for viewing the image(s) in particular; reproduction in copies for personal use; personal stationary; use on a personal website or as part of a personal website.

  4. Buyer may not use Content to promote any product or commercial endeavor.

  5. Seller retains and reserves all other rights to the Content under copyright, trademark or other intellectual or commercial laws and the Buyer acknowledges that Seller is the owner of the Content. Seller warrants and represents to the Buyer that Seller is the true owner of the Content and that there will be no interference by any third party making any other claim of ownership of control of the Content.

  6. Buyer may not sub-license or assign any other rights acquired under this Agreement except as specified in paragraph 3, above.

  7. Buyer may never resell any file obtained with the Download.

  8. Buyer may not remove any Seller signatures and/or watermarks on Content.

  9. Buyer will provide attribution (that is, credit) to the Seller of the Content if appropriate in the circumstances of the use made by the Buyer but will not be required to provide attribution in any circumstance where it would interfere with the use licensed by the Buyer or where it is not common for such attribution to be given. (for example when displaying an avatar).

  10. Seller and Buyer agree to resolve all disputes arising out of this Agreement by themselves as fairly and efficiently as possible

  11. Seller and Buyer agree that by using this Agreement form and by acknowledging its use at the time of the Download the transaction record for the Download will be the equivalent of their respective electronic signatures. 

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