My name's Liv and I like to make a bunch of art. I'm a 23-year-old MICA alum currently working in the beauty industry. Nothing fancy lol.  I'm a year out simply just trying my best to adjust. Most of my work is character-based and representative of people of color.  I'm an interracial kid so I strive to be as diverse as I can through my work.  

Feel free to browse my stuff here, or check out any of my social media! (Instagram is most current) I'm trying to get into the habit to update my work here so it's all in one uninterrupted place.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay safe!

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A Word from OVA

In light of the current events...

I encourage everyone to support the black community and protesters in any way you can. There is no right form of protest, but doing nothing at all only weakens our cause. Below are resources about the BLM movement, and ways to help!

Please Remember!

Covid-19 is still very much present in our society. While protesting make sure to continue keeping yourself and others safe as much as possible!

A complied complete list of how you can get involved via events, protests, gofundmes, petitions, and education:

A compiled list of bail projects and funds across the nation:

Donate to Black Lives Matter

A place to buy and sell black:

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